Inaugural Poets

Amanda Gorman reciting at the Biden inauguration.

Gwendolyn Bennett &
Amanda Gorman

Social Media in the 1920s

Harlem Newstand 1939

Newspapers &

Social Media Influencer

Bennett's drawing of Pan in rural scene for Opportunity magazine cover.

Gwendolyn Bennett
in Black Magazines

A Studio of One’s Own

What Would a Black Woman Need
to be an Artist in the 1920s?

Picturing Gwendolyn

Studio portrait of Bennett as a child dressed in white hat, cape, dress with floral sash, tights and boots.

Photography & Black Life
in the Early 20th Century

Paris: “Let’s go, Jo!”

Josephine Baker posing in a banana skirt, 1927.

Representing Josephine Baker
in Art & Writing

A Chanel Red Dress

Mother/Daughter Ties